Quality Policy
The ultimate goal of our company is to meet needs and expectations of our customers concerning our products, and thereby to create a recognizable company image and brand of Elhand Transformatory in the market.
The owner and company management implements the Quality Policy by pursuing the following strategic objectives:

  • improve the quality of delivered products
  • broaden the scope of applications
  • meet the needs and expectations of clients at all stages of customer service process
  • achieve full compliance of products supplied with the requirements specified by the Customer
  • meet the deadlines of the goods ordered by the Customer
  • strengthen the Company's position in the market

To continuously improve the effectiveness of Quality Management System the owner has established the following Quality Goals:

  • improvement of the quality of products supplied by continuously upgrading the skills of staff and by supervised process of supplier qualification
  • strengthening of the brand of ELHAND Transformatory as a guarantor of the reliable manufacturer and high quality products.
  • exploring and addressing the needs and expectations of customers at all stages of customer service process by developing new forms of contact and improving the existing ways of communication with Customers
  • achievement of full compliance of products supplied with the requirements specified by the customer and ensuring timely delivery of products ordered by Customer
  • expanding the scope of products offered through the company's development policy based on the implementation of new technologies and the expansion of an existing machine park
  • ensuring a high level of quality of our products through the use of supervised equipment in the process of inspection and testing

Environmental policy
According to the declaration of the owner in the company ELHAND Transformatory was established the Environmental Policy. The ultimate objective of the implementation of this policy is to ensure the production of safe products, while ensuring minimal impact on the environment and preventing threats to the safety and health of people living close to the factory, through the organization of manufacturing process with minimum negative impact on the environment and compliance with technical standards and legal requirements related to protection of environment.
The owner and all employees aware of the impact to environment at all stages of its own activities decided to undertake following:

  • all activities related to production will be performed in an environmentally sound manner and in accordance with applicable legal requirements
  • minimize production costs through the rational use of natural resources, in particular, to eliminate or minimize the amount of industrial waste and reduce water and energy utilities
  • keep the optimal management of waste and water management aimed at minimizing waste and pollutants emitted
  • create and develop among workers and managers of environmental awareness

ELHAND will pursue the above policy environment based on the existing Quality Management System modified in order to achieve compliance with the requirements of PN EN ISO 14001. Company management ensures for the implementation of these activities proper management of company organization and the necessary resources

Andrzej Herbowski

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