ELHAND Transformatory
- from Trainee to Engineer -

We are a Polish manufacturer of Transformers, Reactors, Harmonic Filters, and Sine-Wave Filters from Lubliniec. For over 40 years, we have been creating solutions for the global Railway, Maritime, Oil and Gas, Mining, AC Drives, and Energy industries.
We are Professionals and Experts in special tasks. We provide timely support, and quality is our advantage. We respect people, money, and time, which is why we respond quickly, are flexible, and commit for the long term. We build honest relationships, caring for the satisfaction of both parties. We listen, discuss possibilities, and share knowledge. We create modern, customised products from design to solution, ensuring there is never a dull moment. We support industries worldwide. We work internationally.

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Our Vision

Our aim is to be a word-class partner that guarantees quality, flexibility and speed of operation. A partner whose modern and reliable products take many forms, providing  efficiency and supporting  various industries around the word. 


Our Mission

We create customized products, from design to solution. We give  our customers control over the order and a guarantee of customization for their needs. We provide timely support and quality is our edge. We build honest relationships, ensuring  satisfaction of both parties. We manufacture transformers, reactors and filters, securing continuous development for our partners


Our Values

They are the compass for our actions.
They define the way we navigate the world.


It is our shared responsibility. It provides security and reliability for our partners and employees. It gives them peace of mind and allows them to grow.


We approach business and people with integrity. We respect the potential and capabilities of our clients and our employees. We work diligently, and we build relationships based on trust.


We are eager for knowledge and new technologies. High-class production equipment is a standard with us, enabling us to undertake ambitious tasks.


We listen to our customers and employees, discussing opportunities. Integrating all departments in one place unleashes the full power of possibilities.


We respect people, time, and money, which is why we observe our surroundings, respond quickly, are flexible, and never stop developing.


From Trainee to Engineer - Working in Lubliniec

See where we need power, share your energy with us, and become a Professional.
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Whether you are a student looking for an internship or a graduate taking your first step in your career, at ELHAND, we value your work from the very beginning. We have various challenges and interesting projects for you. We appreciate it when you think differently, push boundaries, and challenge conventions.
We invite future electrical and electromechanical engineers for student internships who want to create, not just be.

Production worker

The Production Department is the core of our company, where the greatest transformation takes place. Here, we transform raw materials and components into finished products that meet specified specifications and quality standards. Working in production, you will be part of this process, which gives a lot of energy. Every day, you see how your work translates into creating products that meet the needs of our customers. See who we are looking for to join our team:


An engineer in a manufacturing company is like a reliable power source, and their actions determine our strength, which you are well aware of. You possess specialized knowledge about processes, technologies, and best practices in the electromagnetics industry. Your skills translate into effective and efficient production processes. You enjoy introducing innovations, optimizing manufacturing processes, and solving problems in a more efficient way. See what kind of experts we are looking for to join our team:


Life in ELHAND

ELHAND PQ – Elhand Power Quality Harmonic Simulation Software

ELHAND PQ is charge-free software that allows to find the optimum solution for different configurations and parameters of your circuit without the need for costly measurements, tests and analyses. More >>

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