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MV Transformer

Stable and strong power source.

  • Client Geotermia Koło
  • Industry Mining Industry
  • Category Transformers
  • Date January 22, 2024

Geotermia Koło Geotermia Koło is a dynamically developing company that plays a crucial role in providing sustainable energy to the residents of Koło. The activities of Geotermia Koło focus on utilizing geothermal heat sources to provide a sustainable and ecological source of heat for the residents, offering a modern and environmentally friendly solution in the field of district heating.

The Challenge:
The challenge was to ensure efficient and reliable power supply for a deep well water pump, a key component of the geothermal system. The pump, with a power of 420kW and suspended at a depth of 350 meters below the ground level, required a stable and strong source of electricity for effective operation.

The Solution:
Specializing in electrical power solutions, we provided an ET3H-610 type transformer. This specialized transformer was designed to meet the high demands of the geothermal installation, providing reliable and efficient power supply for the deep well water pump.

The Results:
The application of the ET3H-610 transformer:

  • Enabled heat extraction from a deep borehole with a diameter of 10 inches and a depth of 2980 meters.
  • Contributed to achieving a power of approximately 11.5MW from the geothermal installation, covering about 80% of the annual heat demand for Geotermia in Koło.
  • Reduced reliance on coal-fired boilers, cutting carbon dioxide emissions by about 75%.
  • The high temperature of the geothermal reservoir (around 90°C) allows for heat to be obtained exclusively from geothermal energy for a significant part of the year.

„Through collaboration, one of the most ambitious geothermal projects in Poland was successfully realized, demonstrating the possibilities of using renewable energy sources in an effective and sustainable way. This project serves as a model for other cities and regions, showing how modern technologies can contribute to reducing the carbon footprint and improving the quality of life for residents." - Przemysław Stasiak | CEO of Geotermia Koło

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Ship Transformer

Short lead time during the summer period, 5 weeks.

  • Client Telford Offshore
  • Industry Maritime Industry
  • Category Transformers
  • Date October 20, 2023

Telford Offshore is an international offshore service provider offering cost-effective construction and project management solutions to the Oil & Gas Industry. Trelford Offshore adapts to clients’ needs and operates in the most challenging environments, delivering safe access to and support of offshore worksites.

The Challenge:
We faced a significant challenge due to a short turnaround time of only 5 weeks, especially during the difficult summer season. Our task was to ensure the timely fabrication and delivery of a highquality, large marine transformer that would support the power conversion needs of the vessel, Telford 25. The transformer played a critical role in operating the motion-compensated Telescopic Gangway, facilitating safe passenger transfers from the vessel to offshore platforms.

The Solution:
Key solutions implemented included:

  • Efficient Communication: We established effective communication channels to ensure a seamless flow of information, enabling real-time updates and adjustments as needed.
  • Rigorous Quality Control: ELHAND experts, in collaboration with Client, maintained strict quality control measures at every stage of the transformer's fabrication. This helped us ensure that the final product met the highest industry standards.
  • Accelerated Dispatch: Recognizing the critical role of the transformer, we worked diligently to expedite its dispatch, ahead of the estimated delivery date. This ensured that our client could adhere to the project schedule and mobilize the vessel as planned.

On-Schedule Mobilization: The transformer ET3SM-630 440//690 dD0 60Hz T45F AL IP23 was delivered and installed on the vessel, Telford 25, as planned. This on-time delivery allowed us to adhere to our project schedule and mobilize the vessel without delays.

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Double Compensation Reactors

Very limited space for installation, possibility of its gradation 900kVAr

  • Client Taurus-Technic Sp. z o.o.
  • Industry Renewable Energy Sources
  • Category Reactors
  • Date August 25, 2022

Taurus-Technic Sp. z o.o.
A national leader in the field of reactive power compensation (LV and MV) and a licensed partner of SIEMENS, a world leading company in the market of electricity distribution. On the Polish market since 1991. Taurus-Technic also offers the latest solutions of LV switchgears and a whole range of MV switchgears.

The Challenge:
The required compensation power of 900kVAr with the possibility of its gradation (2 x 450kVAr) and very limited space for installation compared to standard solutions.

The Solution:
A unique solution designed specifically for the Partner's needs, with two independent reactors placed one above the other. Reactors of this type are usually used in wind farms to compensate the reactive power resulting from the capacity of the supply lines.

The compensation reactor type ED3KH-2x450 is one of two double compensation reactors with a power of 900kVAr (2x450kVAr) and a rated voltage of 15.75kV. ED3KH-2x series reactors have a common yoke, which reduces the amount of materials used for their construction (compared to two separate, independent reactors), giving economic benefits and making the most of the available space.

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Grid Converter's Output Set

Reliability of the solution, high performance, minimum weight and dimensions

  • Client Praxis Automation Technology B.V.
  • Industry Maritime Industry
  • Category Transformers,
  • Date May 20, 2022

Praxis Automation Technology B.V. develops and manufactures ship automation and electric propulsion systems for all types of vessels. With all applied products of the automation and electric propulsion systems developed and manufactured in-house, Praxis offers a unique package which requires little to no system integration work. This approach is unique on the market and ensures unsurpassed cost efficiency and safety.

The Challenge:
Praxis is a leader in supplying electrical systems for fast motor yachts. Market trend is to minimize the weight and dimensions of all ship equipment. That forces the manufacturers to look for the most optimized solutions. Products need to be small and light, while keeping top performance and high reliability.

The Solution:
Elhand offered individual, compact design of an LC filter and a transformer in a common enclosure. To reduce the weight, both the windings and the enclosure were made of aluminum. The other goal was to minimize the footprint, which was achieved by implementation of a water cooling system. The customer received a dedicated product, which was easy to integrate with the yacht’s electrical system.

GRID CONVERTER'S OUTPUT SET is a ready-made solution, which enables connection of a grid converter to the ship utility grid. Frequency converter’s output voltage is transformed from PWM to sinusoidal waveform thanks to the sine-wave LC filter. Then the transformer eliminates common-mode voltage and adjusts its value to the customer’s requirements. The grid converter together with Elhand components create sinusoidal, galvanically isolated and stable voltage supply.

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Transformers 125 kVA - 1600 kVA.

Harsh environmental conditions, unusual electrical conditions, optimization of heat losses.

  • Client LOTOS Petrobaltic
  • Industry Oil & Gas Industry
  • Category Transformers
  • Date February 15, 2022

LOTOS Petrobaltic - Polish company involved in the exploration and production of oil and gas deposits on the Polish Baltic Sea shelf, as well as comprehensive offshore logistics services, marine research services and fleet management.

The Challange:

  • Transformer designs in various IP protection levels to meet the high safety standards of offshore platforms operating in harsh environments.
  • Passing the tests required by the PRS classification society.
  • Apart from meeting the unusual electrical conditions, the client expected optimization of heat losses and the use and adaptation of the construction to the space available on the platform.
  • Diverse means of transport and highly complex installation in small spaces.

The Solution:
Creating individual and prototype designs. High and slim, low and wide transformers, working faultlessly in harsh environmental conditions. Planning and implementation of the entire logistics
process allowing for the smooth and safe delivery and installation of the transformers in the demanding space on the upgraded oil platform.

Over the last 2 years, in connection with the modernisation of the Petrobaltic platform, we have produced a rich yet diverse series of medium and low voltage transformers with capacities ranging from 125 kVA to 1600 kVA.

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Transformers and Chokes

Working in harsh conditions, with strong currents, the size and compactness of the solution.

  • Client ENIKA
  • Industry Railway Industry
  • Category Transformers,
  • Date January 17, 2022

ENIKA Sp. z o. o. has been designing, manufacturing and servicing power electronic equipment for railway rolling stock, trams, trolleybuses, electric buses and industry since 1992.
The Challenge: 
The railway industry poses numerous challenges for manufacturers of electromagnetic components. Not only do they have to work under harsh conditions (high levels of dirt, increased humidity and condensation, constant mechanical exposure, strong currents (substations)), but often the size and compactness of the solution is also important.
ENIKA, with its primary objective of offering reliable, inexpensive and modern products tailored to its customers' needs, demands individual, tailor-made products, but also a partner who understands and meets the company's strategic objectives.
The Solution: 
Transformers and chokes manufactured by ELHAND Transformatory designed for use in medium frequency circuits of railway inverters, compared to standard solutions, are characterised by smaller dimensions, so that the final application using them can become more compact.
The Result: 
Long-term cooperation in the supply of magnetic components: transformers and chokes.
„Urządzenia produkowane przez firmę Elhand Transformatory Sp. z o.o. znajdują zastosowania w produkowanych przez nas urządzeniach energoelektronicznych dla taboru kolejowego, trolejbusowego, autobusów elektrycznych oraz przemysłu. 

Zastosowane przez nas urządzenia produkcji Elhand Transformatory pracują bezawaryjnie i nie stwarzają żadnych problemów eksploatacyjnych. 

Dostarczane przez firmę Elhand Transformatory i dławiki wykonane są z najwyższą starannością.”

Bartosz Szyller 
Wiceprezes Zarządu, Enika Sp. z o.o.

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