About us

From Design to Solution

We are a Polish manufacturer of transformers, reactors, harmonic and sinewave filters. More than 40 years ago, our founder, Andrzej Herbowski, decided to make his dream come true and he started       a mission that has grown under the same name, namely ELHAND Transformatory, to date.
There have been years of experience and skills behind today's products. It is partly thanks to the vast know-how that today we offer solutions known for their excellent quality and durability. It is thanks to it that we provide a full service from design to solution.

Work Hard, Play Hard.
See, How We Work!

Time Line

Our History

We set up service activities. We start with electrical and lightning installations and, at the same time, we develop and expand our customer network.


As a response to customer needs we start production activities. The first products are low-voltage transformers in the power range up to 300 kVA.

We move to slightly larger premises. We implement the EN ISO 9001 quality assurance system, while expanding production of low-voltage transformers up to 1000 kVA.


We transform the legal form of the business into a capital company. We introduce medium voltage devices into the offer.

Once again we change our seat. This time, we move to newly constructed premises, built to our concept and order. At this point, harmonic and sinewave filters account for 12% of our total sales.


Production capacity increases. Our needs also increase. We build another production hall and invest in a core sheet cutting machine.


Our Vision

Our aim is to be a word-class partner that guarantees quality, flexibility and speed of operation. A partner whose modern and reliable products take many forms, providing  efficiency and supporting  various industries around the word. 


Our Mission

We create customized products, from design to solution. We give  our customers control over the order and a guarantee of customization for their needs. We provide timely support and quality is our edge. We build honest relationships, ensuring  satisfaction of both parties. We manufacture transformers, reactors and filters, securing continuous development for our partners


See also

We have a lot to be proud of.  See our spectacular realizations, made possible by the certificates we have obtained confirming the highest quality of our products. Follow us on Social Media and learn about the terms of cooperation with us.

ELHAND PQ – Elhand Power Quality Harmonic Simulation Software

ELHAND PQ is charge-free software that allows to find the optimum solution for different configurations and parameters of your circuit without the need for costly measurements, tests and analyses. More >>

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