Contract for the transformers supply for Miecznik frigates

June 27, 2024

Contract for the transformers supply for Miecznik frigates

ELHAND Transformatory has signed a contract with PGZ Stocznia Wojenna (PGZ Naval Shipyard) for the transformers supply for the Polish Miecznik frigates, a flagship program of the Polish Navy. This contract, concluded in the second quarter of the year, highlights ELHAND's importance as a supplier of electrical components for the maritime industry, including the defense sector.

Project challenges

The contract is the result of months of discussions, negotiations, and hundreds of pages of documentation. Transformers which will be delivered must meet extraordinary military requirements, such as high mechanical overloads due to the armament of the units. Compliance with international standards and regulations of maritime classification societies is also required.

"In the framework of the contract, we will design and produce transformers for all vessels in the Miecznik program. This project has many specific requirements that only a few manufacturers can meet. ELHAND's participation in the construction of these multi-role frigates is a great honor and a result of over 30 years of work and experience in the maritime industry" says Adam Ptak, Key Account Manager at ELHAND, project supervisor.

Quality and technology worthy of a Partner

The Miecznik program multi-role vessels will operate in extremely demanding environmental conditions. High salinity, extreme temperatures, and heavy loads place specific demands on the equipment used on these units. Therefore, it is crucial to use high-quality materials and precise production technologies to ensure durability, reliability, and safety of maritime operations conducted by Miecznik frigates.

ELHAND Transformatory cooperates with the most renowned classification societies associated with IACS. The company holds factory and type approvals from several maritime societies, enabling ELHAND to meet all standards and requirements in the maritime industry.

"In the case of the Miecznik project, certification by Lloyd's Register Classification Society was crucial. The transformers supplied by ELHAND will be inspected in accordance with international standards and regulations, as well as special tests and examinations at the Marine Technology Center" adds Krzysztof Świtalski from the Quality Control Department of ELHAND Transformatory.

The experience and references gained over the years allow ELHAND to supply competitive products to the largest shipyards in Europe and worldwide.

"We are pleased to be a domestic partner of the flagship project of the Polish Armaments Group" says Adam Matera, President of ELHAND Transformatory.

"This project builds on the experience gained from cooperation with international companies from Spain, the United Kingdom, and the USA, which have been involved in the construction of warships for years. ELHAND's participation in the Miecznik program is proof that domestic manufacturers and suppliers, like ELHAND, can find their place in the first league of defense sector partners" adds Adam Matera.

About the Miecznik Program

The keel for the first of three warships in the Miecznik program was laid on 31 January 2024, at the PGZ Stocznia Wojenna (PGZ Naval Shipyard). ORP Wicher is the first of the three frigates planned in the Miecznik program. The Naval Shipyard will also produce ORP Burza and ORP Huragan. These will be versatile units capable of eliminating underwater and air targets. Their primary tasks will include securing shipping vessels and energy infrastructure.

The future ORP Wicher and its twin ORP Burza and ORP Huragan will serve in the 3rd Flotilla of Warships and be stationed at the Gdynia Naval Port.

Miecznik frigates have a total length of about 138 meters, a maximum width of about 20 meters, and a single deck height of about 10 meters. The maximum displacement (including additional equipment and sheathing) is about 7,000 tons. The frigates have a range of about 8,000 nautical miles and achieve a maximum speed of 28 knots. They are powered by 4 CODAD high-speed diesel engines and 2 controllable pitch propellers. The Miecznik frigates will accommodate 120 crew members plus about 60 additional personnel.

The launching of the built ORP Wicher is scheduled for 2026, and its inclusion in the Polish Navy structures for 2029. The completion of the entire Miecznik program (i.e., the construction of the remaining two vessels – ORP Burza and ORP Huragan) is planned for 2032. The ships will be the largest units under the Polish flag. The total cost of the three units is initially estimated at over 15 billion PLN.

About ELHAND Transformatory

A long-term supplier of magnetic components for the maritime industry. ELHAND products operate without failure in a wide range of maritime applications in diverse conditions. The experience and competencies gained over the years have been supported by numerous industry certificates, making the company a business partner for many Polish and global shipyards.

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