EGYPS - Egypt Petroleum Show 2023

February 20, 2023

EGYPS - Egypt Petroleum Show 2023

EGYPS - Egypt Petroleum Show 2023
Date: 12-14.02.2023
Place: Egypt International Exhibition Center

Egypt Petroleum Show is over! How was it?


This year's sixth edition of the Egypt Petroleum Show was reflecting the industry’s commitment to the production of sustainable climate-conscious energy sources. A short report below.

For us, going east is about maintaining existing contacts and strengthening Elhand's position as a supplier of energy efficient solutions for drive systems working on oil production pumps. The Egypt Petroleum Show for us was also a promotion of Elhand’s concept for the oil and gas industry, the Step-Down Transformer Harmonic Filter Hybrid Solution, a solution that is part of the trend of modern and sustainable solutions to reduce the energy intensity of this business.

Step-Down Transformer Harmonic Filter Hybrid Solution — the Advanced Passive Filtering with the 6 or 12-pulse oil-immersed and hermetically sealed transformer designed into one Hybrid unit creates new technology and a solution to the ESP fields challenge. This Hybrid offers greater power efficiency with a smaller footprint (of at least 10%-20% smaller than conventional Step-Down Transformer plus Harmonic Filter), producing fewer harmonics (fulfilling IEEE-519 - 5%THDI level) and an environmentally isolated NEMA-4/NEMA-4X for the Step-Down Transformer.

Taking care of the ESP power quality can result in an extended run life for the transformers as well as the whole oilfield - the ultimate goal for offshore/onshore applications.

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They represented us with dignity:
Thomas Orlowski | CEO ELHAND Group LLC 
Aleksandra Kucharska|  Key Account Manager
Adam Matera|  President


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