ELHAND Breakthrough: Revolution in Medium Voltage Chokes.

February 7, 2024

ELHAND Breakthrough: Revolution in Medium Voltage Chokes.

The medium voltage choke project, a challenge in both technology and design, revolutionized not only Elhand's offerings but also the medium voltage choke sector. The development of a new design for medium-voltage chokes, designed for information transmission in electrical-power lines, is an example of the success of Elhand's R&D Department, which worked hand in hand with the client, technologists, salespeople, and the Quality Control Department. 

Challenge: Understanding and Innovation 
The key challenge in the development process was a deep understanding of the principles of resonant systems used for signal transmission and the development of appropriate design tools, particularly achieving the required inductance tolerance of ±1% and anticipating the surges occurring during resonance and selecting the appropriate insulation for them. These chokes required consideration of additional insulation problems, which are crucial in medium-voltage chokes with such an unusual purpose. The use of a multi-gap core and an advanced insulation system allowed meeting the requirements for inductance tolerance and surges.

Design Process: Precision and Collaboration 
Work on this solution began in 2021 and was the result of intensive collaboration between various company departments, including several electrical projects and many hours of work by the R&D and technology departments. The challenge was to develop computational models and then prototypes that would meet both technical requirements and be competitively priced and timely. This work resulted in the introduction of unique solutions and modifications.

Innovation and Competence: A Higher Level 
This project demonstrates ELHAND'S high level of competence and innovation. The efforts made elevated the company to a new level of knowledge, competence, and experience. The skills acquired, going beyond theoretical knowledge, allowed for expanding the range of produced devices, offering an alternative to existing market solutions.

Effect: Benefits for the Customer 
Thanks to the project, the client obtained an alternative supplier, which increased their independence and positively impacted the stability of the supply chain.

Testing and Certification 
To ensure the long-term, stable, and reliable operation of the chokes, ELHAND conducted tests according to EN 60076-6 and EN IEC 60076-11 standards. These tests, conducted in special laboratories, ensured the company's products were recognized as capable of operating in various environmental and load conditions.

The project of single-phase medium voltage chokes is an example of collaboration between various departments of the ELHAND company and serves as a model for how a Polish initiative can compete in the global market, offering innovative technological solutions. This project proves that competence, experience, and collaboration are key to the development and introduction of new, advanced technologies on the market.

Innovative Design for a MV Chokes | ELHAND Trasformatory | Leszek Jasinski - Chief of Design & Development Departament | Adam Ptak - Key Account Manager
Leszek Jasinski - Chief of Design & Development Departament
Adam Ptak - Key Account Manager
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