ELHAND Projects in Practice: Autotransformer 1800kW

Decemeber 7, 2023

ELHAND Projects in Practice: Autotransformer 1800kW

From Design To Solution: Elhand Engineering Projects in Practice
Complex engineering challenges are our world. Check out another one of our projects for the Maritime Industry in Sweden.

The Challenge: A Damaged Autotransformer on a Ship
Our task was to replace a damaged autotransformer used for starting a powerful 1800kW streamer steering engine. The catch? It had to fit precisely into an existing setup, adhering to the ship's stringent space and mechanical constraints.

ELHAND’s Approach: Customized Precision
Led by our Head of Sales, Bartosz Borecki, we undertook this intricate project with a clear focus on the client's unique needs. Understanding that the previous autotransformer from another manufacturer had failed twice, we were determined and ready to deliver a reliable and durable solution from ELHAND.

Key Benefits for Our Client:

  • Seamless Integration: Our design was meticulously tailored to match the existing conditions on the ship, ensuring easy installation and compatibility.
  • Enhanced Durability: We are confident that our autotransformer will surpass its predecessor in longevity and performance. Our experience and tests provide a guarantee.
  • Client-Centric Focus: Every step of the way, our team prioritized the client’s specific requirements, offering personalized and high-quality solutions.

Partner with ELHAND
At ELHAND, we don’t just build solutions; we engineer success stories. Are you looking for solutions that are as innovative as they are reliable? Turn to us.

Bartosz Borecki | Head of Sales

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