ELHAND Projects in Practice: Transformers 690V / 400V

January 19, 2024

ELHAND Projects in Practice: Transformers 690V / 400V

From Design To Solution: ELHAND Engineering Projects in Practice.

Partnering in the design process with a client means being able to talk, having experience you can trust, and being open to other solutions.

An example? One such project was brought to us by Bartosz Borecki Elhand Head of Sales. For our Finnish client, who is the marine industry's leading expert in electrical solutions, we manufactured two ET3oM-800kVA type transformers. They will be used on a 1998 cargo container ship, providing power to the ship from the quay.
Of interest in these transformers are the two sets of taps for 690V and 400V, allowing easy power supply changes.

The successful completion of this project was made possible by convincing the customer to choose IP23 protection instead of IP54. This reduced the overall dimensions and sped up implementation, which was crucial for the customer.
Why? Producing and delivering the transformers within the set deadline was strategic to the success of the project. The ship would arrive in dry dock at a specific time, where it would have a hole cut in the hull through which our transformers would be transported.

Want to talk about your project?
Contact Bartosz Borecki | Head of Sales >> https://hihello.me/hi/bartosz_borecki

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