ELHAND Projects in Practice: Transformers up to 1000kVA IP23

February 29, 2024

ELHAND Projects in Practice: Transformers up to 1000kVA IP23

From the model of a ship - a symbol of engineering thought and vision of the future, to one of the largest orders of passenger ferries of this size in European shipyards ????????. Over two decades of maritime projects - we sail with the dreams of shipowners, design offices, and shipbuilders. Here's another example of implementation within the #FromDesignToSolution cycle. From the drafting board to a floating colossus.

Nearly two decades ago, in design studios, an innovative vision was born, which today materializes in majestic Ro-Pax type ships being built at the "Remontowa" Shipyard in Gdańsk. Then, as now, we stand by our partner, adding power.

Today, we can proudly say that Adam Ptak, our Key Account Manager, from the beginning of his work at ELHAND - several years ago – together with a group of engineers, participated in designing transformers for propulsion systems on these ships and today oversees the delivery of the appropriate power to these modern passenger ferries.

The design process is not always short, sometimes it takes longer than originally assumed. But at ELHAND, we are proud to accompany our partners at every stage - from the first line of the drawing to the launch of the ship.

The photo shows Adam Ptak next to a model of the ship, which is a significant element of this story. This visual connection of the past with the present excellently illustrates the continuity in project development and our long-term cooperation.


We have been cooperating with the Gdańsk "Remontowa" Shipyard for over 20 years, during which we designed, produced, and delivered over 400 transformers of various power, intended for various floating units.

Knowledge of the industry, reliability of ELHAND products, timeliness of implementation, and durability of execution made the Gdańsk Shipyard "Remontowa" decide to entrust us with the design and production of transformers for the Ro-Pax project.

Further collaborations include transformers with a power of up to 1000kVA, designed in enclosures with an IP23 protection rating, which meet the high standards associated with maritime norms. As ELHAND Transformatory, we also met the financial condition, where the costs of implementing such a large project had to fit within the budget specified by the shipowner.

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