ELHAND Transformers - 23 years of reliability at sea!

October 24, 2023

ELHAND Transformers - 23 years of reliability at sea!

While electric vehicle enthusiasts worldwide are eagerly discussing the first deliveries of Tesla Model 3 Highland cars to Europe, we proudly focus our attention on the ship that brought these vehicles. It is the ELHAND transformers and auto-transformers for starting waterjet thrusters that provide the essential power.

Crystal Ray, a car carrier built in the Polish Gdynia Shipyard, stands as one of the most intriguing achievements of the shipyard and is among the oldest vessels in the 8168 series*. Delivered to the shipowner in August 2000 as the third in the series, Crystal Ray is one of 25 ships produced within the 8168 series (car carriers), and ELHAND transformers have been working reliably on 22 of them for over 20 years under various flags.

Thanks to modern ship designs and high-quality construction standards, the Gdynia Shipyard has achieved international success. Almost all ships of the 8168 series are still in operation, a testament to their durability and quality of production. For us, this is also evidence of the reliability and effectiveness of ELHAND solutions. ELHAND transformers play a pivotal role in ensuring the reliability and safety of ship operations, particularly in providing electrical power and controlling systems. What sets ELHAND transformers apart is their ability to operate in challenging marine conditions for many years.

The 8168 series is not the only series equipped with ELHAND solutions. ELHAND transformers also power two car carriers from the 8213 series, namely the "GALAXY LEADER" and "GLOBAL LEADER," owned by the Israeli company Ray Shipping Ltd, based in Tel Aviv.

The history of the Gdynia Shipyard is a tale of success that has contributed to the development of the maritime industry. Through innovative technical solutions, such as the cascading internal ramp system that speeds up the car unloading process, the shipyard has earned recognition from shipowners worldwide.

It's also an important part of ELHAND'S history, where the Gdynia Shipyard plays a crucial role. It was, among other things, the delivery of transformers to this shipyard that marked the beginning of ELHAND'S production for the marine industry, a legacy that has now spanned 40 years, with over 900 products delivered to ships sailing around the world.

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*Ships in the 8168 series, commonly referred to as car carriers, are designed for transporting various rolling cargoes (ro-ro), including passenger cars, vans, trucks, and buses. In addition to these basic vehicle types, these ships can also transport special vehicles, such as tractors, car cranes, and other heavy cargo.

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