Mining Week 2024 Kazakhstan

June 28, 2024

Mining Week 2024 Kazakhstan

Our first Kazakhstan mining industry fair is behind us. During Mining Week 2024 in Karaganda, together with our partners INOVA Centrum Innowacji Technicznych sp. z o.o., Elgór + Hansen SA, Sypniewski Sp. z o.o., and ENEL-PC Spółka z o.o., we presented comprehensive solutions for the mining industry.

The fair in the oldest mining town in Kazakhstan gathered around 150 exhibitors, mostly from the region. Polish companies were also well represented, highlighting our strong presence in the international market.

As a company, we’ve always been very present in the Mining Industry, so this event was a great opportunity to meet new potential clients and experience the climate of Karaganda, known for its numerous coal mines and steelworks.

What insights did we bring back from Mining Week?

  • Challenges of the local market: Karaganda is a region with numerous coal mines and steelworks. Current modernizations and the nationalization of the mining industry open up new opportunities for the introduction of advanced technologies in this area. 
  • Competition and partnerships: Transformer manufacturers from major global markets were also present, indicating intense competition. However, our products, known for their European quality, can stand out among local suppliers. 
  • Prospects for cooperation: Kazakhstan is an emerging market with immense potential, serving as a gateway to other countries in the region.

Thank you to our partners and everyone who visited us.

And now, click play and feel the atmosphere of Kazakhstan, partnership, and cooperation of Polish companies.

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