The Revitalizing Shipbuilding Industry in Szczecin

March 1, 2024

The Revitalizing Shipbuilding Industry in Szczecin

That moment when you read about your clients' projects in the industry press... and you feel proud to be a part of them.

The project of constructing a new floating dock for one of Szczecin Shipyard, described in Poland@Sea, whose first block will soon be launched, will not only enable the construction and repair of larger marine units but will also contribute to the revival of the shipbuilding infrastructure in the region.

Work on the 235-meter floating dock, which started in September 2021, includes the construction of three main elements that will then be joined on the water. Thanks to this, Szczecin Shipyard will gain the ability to service large marine units that could not previously be repaired in the region. *The new dock, measuring 235 meters in length and 47 meters in width, will enable the docking of units up to 230 meters in length and 36 meters in width, marking significant progress compared to the shipyard's existing capabilities.

As part of this project, we provided 6 transformers medium and low voltage in terms of power range up to 1500 kVA and voltage range up to 16000 V that become an element of the dock's infrastructure, ensuring reliable and efficient power supply for the operations conducted.

At ELHAND, we have proudly supported the revitalizing shipbuilding industry in Poland for years and look forward to further collaboration on projects that contribute to the technological and economic development of the region.

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