Enclosures, horizontal mounted design, IP-code IP44

Enclosures LG44 are designed for mounting of three-phase transformers with a rated power up to 4 KVA. Their construction enables an easy and totaly dismountig. Casings are fixed to the base by means of channel irons. They are made of steel sheet, which is protected against corrosion: steel sheet is degreased and phosphatized and has double epoxy -polyester powder coating. Fasteners have a protective coating. The bottom is made of steel sheet.

Product for:


Protection degree IP 44
Colour Standard - RAL 7035.
Other colours on request
Cable outlets In standard design cables are taken out via gland seals placed in front wall of the enclosure.


Technical sketch

Obudowa leżąca LG3-44 Obudowa leżąca LG3-44 Widok W - Rozmieszczenie otworów mocujących
Horizontally mounted enclosure LG3-44 View W - arrangement of fixing holes


Dimension table

Enclosures for three-phase transformers ET3S i ET3o

Type Power range
min - max kVA
LG3-44 - E125 0,05 - 0,3 200 250 260 175 225 7 7
LG3-44 - E150 0,5 - 0,8 200 300 310 175 275 7 9
LG3-44 - E200 1,0 - 2,0 250 350 360 225 325 7 12
LG3-44 - E250 2,5 - 4,0 300 350 460 275 425 7 19


Power ranges assigned to the types of enclosures overlap each other due to the large diversity of the transformer dimensions
transformers depending on the specific technical data (voltage, current rating, the type of receiver).

Other designes of casings can be delivered after mutually settlement.

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