MV compensation reactors 50 kvar up to 1 Mvar

Increased capacitive power consumption is observed in broad cable grids which are typical for wind farms and mining industry. Uncompensated reactive power in the system leads to many negative effects:

•    Extra fees for power factor overdrawn
•    Additional power losses in transmission lines and transformers
•    System instability due to voltage increase when grid has capacitive character

ED3KH compensation reactors are used to keep inductive character of a grid. Inductive power of a reactor reduces capacitive power, ensuring that grid operates within a proper Q/P coefficient range.

Benefits Application
  • No fees for capacitive power
  • Stable, inductive power factor
  • Reduction of active losses
  • Release of grid capacity thanks to reduction of effective value of the current
  • Reactive power compensation systems
  • Onshore & offshore wind power plants
  • Compensation of broad cable grids
  • Mining industry

Special execution
Products with parameters exceeding the catalogue card can be made upon prior contact.

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Product for:


Power of compensation  50-1000 kvar
Rated voltage 3 - 20 kV
Rated frequency 50 Hz, 60HZ
Cooling AN, AF – air natural or air forced
Ambient temperature 40°C - land design
45°C – maritime design
>50°C – special design
Insulation class F (155°C), H (180°C)
Winding material aluminium, copper
Optional equipment Temperature sensors,  wheels, fans, vibro insulators
Mounting Standing, vertical
Degree of protection IP00
Standards compatibility PN-EN 60076-1
PN-EN 60076-6


Typical application schematic

Mirosław Łukiewski,
Jarosław Czornik
Case Study
August 2022
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