Three-phase Autotransformers EA3

Autotransformer is a special variation of transformer in which primary and secondary windings are connected and therefore there is no galvanic separation between circuits. Autotransformers are used to connect networks with different voltage levels. They are also used in starting systems and in systems whereever a lack of electrical separation between primary and secondary circuits is allowed. The undoubted advantage of the autotransformer is that compared to the transformer of the same outgoing power they are smaller, lighter and cheaper.

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Design Three-phase autotransformers EA3 are produced in accordance with requirements of standard: EN/IEC 61558-2-1
Insulation class

B(130oC) - standard up to 5 kVA; F(155oC) - standard above 5 kVA

Climatic class/
Environmental class

C1/E0 - land design; C2/E1 - maritime design

Ambient temperature 40oC
Protection degree IP 00 lub IP 23
Protection class I
Frequency 50/60 Hz
Primary voltage up to 1000 V
Secondary voltage up to 1000 V
Fastening by means of angles


Technical sketch

Standard design Standard design
Standard design


Dimension table

Technical data of three-phase autotransformer type EA3

Type of autotransformer Core power factor / Outgoing power
Example date L
EA3 0,05/0,1 3x500V/3X380V Yan0 100 46 82 80 31 5 x 8 0,9
EA3 2,1/12,3 3x400-343-336-329V Yan0 290 255 175 258 160 9 x 13 19
EA3 12/25 3x380V/3x300V Yan0 420 225 415 370 182 11 x 15 94
EA3 30/70 3x380V/3x220V Yan0 480 375 475 430 220 11 x 15 159
EA3 180/360 3x100v/3x500v Yan0 870 430 765 560 770 17 x 25 734


Producent zastrzega sobie prawo wprowadzania zmian wynikających z ciągłego rozwoju oferowanych wyrobów.

Możliwe jest wykonanie transformatora w innej wersji i o innej mocy niż podano w tabeli po wcześniejszym uzgodnieniu.

Obudowa przenośna IP 23 dla urządzeń jednofazowych

portable IP23

Obudowa leżąca IP 23 dla urządzeń trójfazowych

for horizontal mounting IP23

Obudowa naścienna IP 23 dla urządzeń trójfazowych

wall mounted IP23

Obudowa stojąca IP 23 dla urządzeń trójfazowych

for vertical mounting IP23

Obudowa stojąca IP 54 dla urządzeń trójfazowych

vertical design IP54

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